I’m Clint Tabone, designer & consultant specialising in web design, branding & User Experience. I am the co-founder & Designer at Kwaver & Hangar.

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About Me

My design career kicked off in 2007 when I was offered a Graphic Design job at EC – an international chain of language schools based in Malta. After a five and a half year stint at EC, I decided to go freelance and work on new projects. In the meantime I co-founded Hangar — a full service marketing agency — and more recently Kwaver — a music collaboration app for mobile devices.

Although I use the generic term designer to describe my job title, I have worked in print, web, branding, creative direction, illustration, UX, UI and front-end development. I feel that the term designer encompasses all of this and describes what I do on a daily basis.

I’m a fan of all things creative and I can say that I’m happiest when brainstorming and sketching new ideas. I’m intrigued by the creative process especially when it brings people together in the form of collaboration.

Selected Clients

Ixaris Technologies, Casumo, Rhea Medical Apps, Scheduit, Valletta 2018, EC, GFI, ELTJam, Recruitment Masters, Helioom